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Web Analytics Process the Data Vortex

Working Knowledge

Most enterprise Web sites fall into one of four categories, and this delineation determines the metrics that matter. Once you ascertain your type, you can focus on the analytic features important to you.

  • E-commerce sites are about making money. Key metrics are sales or conversions of shopping carts on a per-visit average against the number of returns.
  • Lead-generation sites want to know who visits and what information they want to download. Unique visitors and top URLs are important.
  • Customer-service sites want to off-load user requests from customer-service humans to the site, reducing inbound calls and call length while still satisfying the customer. This is measured by the number of visitors with successful searches and how that calls to the service desk are impacted. Are you getting fewer calls from lost customers? Can you reduce the number of service-desk operators?
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