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A Wealth of Information

I tested NP/BizFlow-1000 at Network Computing's Real-World Labs® at Syracuse University using a NetOptics fiber tap. I set up the Coordinator through a basic CLI (command-line interface) environment, which required an IP address, subnet mask and host name. With the Coordinator up and running, you can configure the SmartProbe through a Web interface or the CLI. Once setup was complete, the SmartProbe began recording information about incoming traffic.

As administrator of NP/BizFlow-1000 system, most of your time will be spent inside the Internet traffic-manager application, a complex Java WebStart application. The latest version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment), included with NP/BizFlow-1000, is all you'll need to get started. But with so much information coming out, some network administrators could easily be overwhelmed.

Data Display

NP/BizFlow's Dashboard tool, which costs an additional $10,000, provides a view of SNMP-generated traps and user-defined alerts. This application separates server, network and client alerts into three categories of errors: critical, major and minor. The Dashboard displays the type of error and a small bar graph representing a timeline of previous events.

You can configure alert thresholds to populate the Dashboard using simple Boolean logic that can be applied to user-defined groups or single entities. There are a handful of canned alerts that come with the system, but you'll appreciate how easy it is to create new alerts based on dozens of variables.

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