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Wasabi Supports VMware

NORFOLK, Va. -- Wasabi Systems, a leader in networked storage software solutions, today announced that it is a member of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program and that its Storage Builder for IP-SAN product provides seamless support for VMware ESX Server and for virtual machines running on that platform.

As part of the VMware Partner Program, Wasabi has completed compatibility certification between the two products. ESX Server virtual machines can utilize storage capacity on Storage Builder-based IP-SAN targets, in addition to providing storage for the virtual machines hosted on ESX Server. An application note describing the specific steps required to leverage Storage Builder with virtual machines is available on our website at

"We are seeing increased demand for virtualization support for our storage solutions as end users look for additional ways to reduce costs, minimize migration downtime and increase flexibility," said Barron Mertens, President of DSG Storage. "The addition of support for VMware in the Storage Builder product allows our customers to meet these objectives."

Using Storage Builder for IP-SAN targets enables users to take advantage of ESX Server features such clustering, high-availability failover and VMotion. Using VMotion, an IT Manager can migrate virtual machines from one physical machine to another without the need to power down or suspend the virtual machine. This results in server migrations with zero interruption in service for the end user, including the availability of storage throughout the migration process.

Virtualization enables consolidation of server and storage resources, resulting in more efficient use of hardware, simplified management, and quicker deployment of new servers and additional storage.

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