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VoIP Phreaking: The Target Is You

It's official --- VoIP phreakers and hackers are out in force, and they're coming straight at you. Bruce Stewart's Emerging Telephone blog reports that the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress includes a talk on VoIPhreaking - An Introduction to SIP Hacking. So take time to lock down your systems.
If the talk's slide are any indication, VoIP installations are in for a rough time. The slides vividly show where systems are open to attack, and offer advice and encouragement to those who target them. For example, one slide shows a VoIP sniffer in action, and crows, "Exploit!"

The slides also offer step-by-step advice on attacks, including how to use caller ID as an attack vector. They also point to Web sites that offer more help on launching VoIP attacks.

The bottom line? If you run a network, be prepared, and know your enemy --- check out these slides. If you're at home using VoIP, recognize that VoIP phreakers may come your way as well.