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VMworld 2007 Underway!

VMworld 2007 at San Francisco's Moscone Center is underway! This three day event is showcasing virtualization like no other event, with forward thinkers and progressive implementers sharing best practices, lessons learned, and industry predictions with 10,000 (literally) virtualization aficionados.

Predictably, VMware announced yesterday the release several updated product lines: Virtual Desktop Manager 2, the VMware ESX Server 3i hypervisor, and the Site Recovery Manager for Disaster Recovery. We'll try to dig into these a bit over the next few days. And the keynote addresses by VMware's Diane Greene, Intel's Patrick Gelsinger, and AMD's Hector de J. Ruiz, established the themes that are not only permeating VMworld, but datacenters worldwide: decreasing the datacenter energy footprint, integrating hardware specifically designed for virtualization, increasing IT and business productivity and agility, and continuing the move of virtualization from tactical to strategic.

And in case you haven't noticed, the virtualization players ??? hardware and software alike - are all working in tandem to revolutionize the IT industry in a way never before imagined. Hardware vendors are taking virtualization to heart, imbedding virtualization capabilities into the gear and improving I/O for greater throughput and performance. Software vendors are developing and deploying applications and tools that will ultimately you'll probably build your business processes around.

So as the week progresses here at VMworld, stay tuned. We'll kick some of these topics around.