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VMware Goes Hyper

MINNEAPOLIS -- NetEx?, the leader in high speed data transport over TCP, today announced its award winning HyperIPR software for VMware ESX Server, making NetEx the first WAN optimization vendor to support wide-area data acceleration on the VMware platform.

HyperIP for VMware is also the first software-only release of the product by NetEx, which also offers HyperIP in an appliance configuration running on industry-standard hardware. One of the key competitive advantages of HyperIP is the software-focused design - even in the appliance version - that provides unmatched flexibility in deployment and performance scalability.

Competitive products, such as those from Riverbed, Silver Peak Systems and
F5 Networks, use a hardware-based architecture, locking customers into a proprietary hardware platform with limited performance scalability, and precluding their use in virtualized hardware environments such as VMware ESX. With HyperIP for VMware customers have the freedom to deploy high-performance software-based WAN optimization on their preferred hardware platform with the ability to scale the performance up to 600x with no hardware upgrades.

"Staging WAN optimization on a VMware virtual machine is the latest breakthrough that once again demonstrates NetEx's market leadership and HyperIP's design superiority," said Diamond Lauffin, President of the Lauffin Group and a consultant to NetEx. "Infrastructure virtualization is no longer a trend, but a business imperative to control IT costs in several areas. Applications and technologies that can't compete in a virtualized world will quickly be kicked to the sidelines in favor of more versatile and advanced technologies such as HyperIP for VMware."

Network Executive Software Inc. (NetEx)