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VMware To Double R&D Presence In India

VMware's Bangalore engineering office is set to grow to 1,000+ in two years. Add in 200 or so other sales and support employees, 160 channel partners, university partnerships, and many customers across India to see the big picture.
VMware has been pushing channel initiatives at home and Europe. Now the company is making a strong move in India to build up its R&D shop. I wouldn't look at this as a stereotypical outsourcing deal... VMware isn't shooting for a low-bid call center investment here.

Relationships with local schools including IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, NIT Trichi, NIT Surathkal, the Indian Institute of Science, and the RV College of Engineering lead to recruitment of top local talent as well as spread of the VMware gospel. Learn VMware in school, recommend VMware to your boss after you graduate. Or get hired by one of VMware's 300 Indian customers at graduation. Or get a job at VMware's new 82,000-square-foot shop in South Bangalore. Or get hired pretty much anywhere else in the world.

VMworld Asia, anyone?