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VKernel Charges Into Virtual Chargeback

Software startup VKernel claims to have devised a way for users to manage their increasingly complex virtual server and storage environments.

The Portsmouth, N.H.-based vendor is developing a set of software solutions which it says will ease many of the capacity management challenges associated with virtualization.

"As organizations virtualize their data center, the old chargeback model where they charge users per box doesn't work anymore," explains Alex Bakman, the VKernel CEO and founder. "Organizations realize that they have to move to more of a resource consumption model for things like CPU, memory, and storage."

Last year VKernel took the wraps off its Chargeback virtual appliance, which it is now touting as a way for users to work out exactly how much CPU and storage is swallowed by VMs.

The software, which uses a SuSE Linux kernel, runs as a VM within VMware's ESX server product, and essentially "meters" how much compute power and storage are used by other VMs.

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