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Vistage Int'l Uses Overland

SAN DIEGO -- Overland Storage, Inc. (NASDAQ: OVRL) today announced that Vistage International, the world's leading chief executive organization with 14,000 members in 16 countries, has deployed the REOR 9100c VTL with hardware compression, the REO 9500D deduplicating VTL and the NEOT 4100 scalable tape library. Overland's triad of tiered data protection solutions are the key components of a fortified disaster recovery strategy that enables Vistage to safeguard twice as much data on half as much media while lowering costs and reducing administrative overhead by 25 percent.

Over the past half-century, Vistage International has helped chief executives take their careers-and their companies-to the highest levels of success by creating a unique environment of collaboration, learning and mentorship The San Diego-based organization provides access to an extensive network of experts, CEO peers and executive learning workshops, as well as vast online resources delivered through a massive member web portal.

According to Carlo Saggese, vice president of application development at Vistage International, a plan to strengthen the organization's disaster recovery plan led to the replacement of an aging tape library. "We couldn't meet our recovery time objective (RTO) of 20 minutes with our existing backup and recovery infrastructure," he says. "Moreover, we needed multiple layers of data protection to safeguard 18 TBs of vital data while also accommodating an expected surge of 50 TBs of data resulting from a large-scale conversion to high-definition video."

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