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Vista Versions May Number 8

Microsoft briefly posted a list of Windows Vista versions to its Web site, giving additional clues that the next-generation operating system will come in even more flavors than the current Windows XP.

Although Microsoft hasn't released a final catalog of Vista versions, dubbed SKUs for Stock Keeping Unit, it published a list to a help page on the Microsoft Web site that spelled out six core editions, plus another two which meet the European Union's antitrust ruling that the OS comes sans Windows Media Player.

According to the page, which has since been removed from the site, Vista will be available as Windows Starter 2007, Windows Vista Home Basic (with an 'N' edition for the EU), Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business (also with an 'N' version), Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Ultimate.

(Google's cache of the graphical version of the page is unavailable, but an all-text cache can be found here.)

Presumably, Windows Starter 2007, the lowest-priced version, won't carry the "Vista" name because it won't offer the new Aero graphics display, nor come in a 64-bit version. Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium will offer fundamental features and Media Center-like entertainment tools, respectively.

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