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Virtualizing NAS for Green Storage

Power generation and distribution are significant cost considerations when building a new data center. If you can use less space and do so with less power, you can reduce a key budget hog.

This isn't just a matter of immediate concern. Many organizations are running out of the ability to provide power long before they are running out of the ability to pay for that power. As a result, it's vital to be "green" when planning a new or improved data center for the future.

That said, many green initiatives are stuck in the forward position. While most green IT has moved from something to talk about to the point where project plans are being created, in most cases, these plans are elaborate and will take months, if not years, to fully implement. Even the commonly accepted process of moving to a virtualized server environment is a multi-month project.

These timelines stand in contrast to the fact that many data centers are running out of power now. What can be done that does not require months of planning and implementation?

We think there are a few simple steps involving network-attached storage that can provide immediate power savings while also providing additional benefits to the enterprise.

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