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Virtualized Stock-Option Dates?

Stay with me for a minute. I was going to write on topic about storage options for virtualized environments but got led astray by current events.
Contemplating storage options for VMs brought me around to Brocade's 4-, 8-, and 10-Gbps Fibre Channel-based solutions and some of the neat things the company is doing to tweak HBAs and leverage NPIV to 'virtualize' Brocade Access Gateway SANs.

And then my thought-train got derailed.

I was thinking about Brocade in general, which brought my mind 'round to the sentencing of Gregory Reyes this past Wednesday.

For those who missed the story, Reyes was found guilty in August of backdating stock-option grants while serving as Brocade's CEO. In total, he was hit with 10 counts including conspiracy and securities fraud. Sentencing wrapped up this week.

The prosecution pounded on the concept that Reyes knowingly violated the law over a three-year period. The judge tacked on six months to the sentence due to attempts by Reyes to mislead the court during trial.

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