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Virtualization Factors In Customer Storage Plans

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Storage managers are deploying virtualization in growing numbers, resulting in a multitude of new requirements and storage challenges, according to various sources here at the SNW tradeshow.

In a random, ad hoc survey of 100 non-vendor attendees conducted by Symantec here at the show, it was found that all had deployed and are leveraging server virtualization -- most, or 86 percent, via VMware. Of all respondents surveyed, 73 percent were in production or planning to move into production with virtualization.

The 86 respondents in the VMware majority reported that storage issues were top challenges. Here's how percentages of respondents identified those top challenges specifically:

  • Storage management -- 49 percent
  • Backup and recovery of virtual machines -- 43 percent
  • SAN multipathing and load balancing -- 9 percent
  • Storage capacity management -- 16 percent
  • Storage allocation and reclamation -- 17 percent
  • Other top challenges -- 3 percent

The survey firm hired by Symantec also reported the following findings among the VMware users responding to the survey:

  • Sixty-three percent are backing up at least 60 percent of application data used in the virtualized environment.
  • Forty-one percent targeted I/O overhead as the key problem with VMware backup; 46 percent said scheduling backups was the main issue.
  • About 20 percent back up an entire physical server in order to protect individual virtual machines.
  • Twenty-nine percent think their data protection software is "lacking."
  • Thirty percent say recovering individual files from a virtual machine is easy.
  • Forty percent would like to use tiered storage for snapshots in virtualized environments, and 36 percent would like tiered storage for application data.

Symantec has an axe to grind here. During a press event Wednesday morning to showcase the survey results, execs touted the latest version of Symantec NetBackup 6.51 and PureDisk for VMware as solving some of the issues cited in the survey.

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