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The Virtualization Factor

Is there a connection between the use of virtualization and other newfangled storage technologies? If your business is moving to virtualization, for instance, is it likely to install an iSCSI SAN as well?

One storage VAR answers "yes" to both questions. For the last several months, since VMware released Infrastructure 3 with iSCSI support, demand for iSCSI has burgeoned, says Barron Mertens, CEO of DSG Storage Inc., a VAR based in London, Ontario. (See VMware 3 Gains Rapid Adoption.) "We've seen a sizeable growth in demand," he notes.

"Generally speaking, people who are eager to get ESX 3 into production see that it's pointless to save on the server side and spend a wad of cash on Fibre Channel," he says.

Most of his customers who are intent on consolidating their servers are starting with a blank slate. They follow the thread of savings by initiating a new storage network based on iSCSI.

Mertens says the customers who are buying iSCSI alongside virtualization range from very large (a government agency with 800-plus servers) to medium-sized (a handful of servers).

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