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Virtualization Blogging For Fun And Profit

I???ve had a number of recent requests for additional virtualization sites and resources. While I???m reluctant to admit that one might need to look outside of Network Computing or InformationWeek, I'm including some of my favorite bloggers and vendor sites on the topic. Feel free to fire up your favorite RSS reader (as long as you subscribe to's feed first!) Enjoy.
* Rational Security, er, Survivability is the venting ground of Chris Hoff, an outspoken infosec guy who often touches down somewhere in the intersection of security, virtualization, politics, and nerd culture. Hoff had a nice summary post today discussing the realities of patching ... just 'cause it ain't Microsoft doesn't mean you can live patch-free.

* Alessandro Perilli has been running the European-based Virtualization.Info since 2003. Lots of good stuff here, too. While his site is more of a clearinghouse on virtualization news and analysis, there is a strong blog vibe with guest writers, generous speculation about vendors and the industry, snazzy infographics, and a strong serving of opinion.

* Robert Larson hosts a sporadic virtualization blog, with one heck of a nice write up on Building a Hyper-V Cluster from back in December. Ten steps, many screen shots. Larson is sometimes sparse on updates, but his stuff is good.

* Mitchell Ashley publishes The Converging Network, offering his views on virtualization and other things IT. I try to tune in once a week to see what he's up to.

And on to my prime vendor sites:

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