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Virtual Storage Startup Eyes SMBs

A self-funded startup based in Sudbury, Mass., is reaching out to VARs and OEMs with iSCSI software that creates virtual storage pools from x86 computers for quick-and-easy SANs.

Kapsean Inc., founded in 2003, says a CD loaded with its ISCUBE Storage Server OS can make a storage array or brick out of any standard PC, notebook, or laptop computer, including OEM or "whitebox" versions. The vendor says resellers can bundle its software with PCs for SAN-seeking SMBs. The product will also work with virtualized networks.

Kapsean sells its ISCUBE software in four versions: The most basic program, MyiDisk, goes out into the network, locating whitebox storage that is running an ISCUBE agent and making that storage appear as a virtual drive in the user's own PC. MyiStorage does the same thing, but creates multiple virtual drives for use by servers. MyiVault acts as a disk repository for backing up or archiving data from Windows clients; and MyiGrid creates a multi-node pool of storage that can handle RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 and provide dynamic volume management from LAN-based PCs.

Kapsean isn't actually shipping any products, though its CDs are in a series of beta tests, and execs say pricing for the basic MyiDisk software is about $50 per seat. The company plans to offer its software in downloadable public beta form later this month, execs say.

Kapsean spent the week showcasing its ISCUBE software at the Interop tradeshow in Las Vegas, hoping to attract OEMs, VARs, and storage vendors into partnerships aimed at the consumer, SMB, and virtualization segments.

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