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Virtual Iron Goes Green

Virtualization vendor Virtual Iron is playing up its green credentials today, touting the ability to streamline server power usage with the latest version of its software.

Version 4.4 of Virtual Irons eponymous software, launched this morning, contains a feature called LivePower which the vendor claims can make sense of users’ ongoing power problems.

”It’s another management capability that we’re bringing, and it’s really focused on power and cooling," says Tim Walsh, Virtual Iron’s director of corporate marketing, explaining that LivePower monitors whether server CPUs are being used efficiently. “When we see that there’s excess capacity on, for example, a server running at less than 10 percent utilization, we can live migrate the VMs on that server over to another physical server.”

By freeing up the first physical server, this machine can then be switched off, if necessary, saving much-needed power, according to the exec.

“Think of a test and development environment – I might have a lot of these servers that are running at very low utilization,” he explains. “I may have many servers running idle, but they are not powered off – LivePower lets you shut that server off for the night and automatically power the servers back up in the morning.”

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