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Viridian is dead, long live Hyper-V

MS changes up its hypervisor strategy for Windows Server 2008:
I wasn't on hand in Barcelona when Microsoft announced a new direction for virtualization with their pending Server 2008. (I would have liked to be in Barcelona this week...) Drumroll, please.

Viridian shall henceforth be known as Hyper-V. Please read Andy Dornan's coverage for a full rundown of the Server 2008 and Application Virtualization 4.5 news.

Up 'til now many of us assumed MS would be incorporating their "mini-me" hypervisor/OS as an install option for the 2008 family.

We were right: Hyper-V will be released as a production component of some Server 2008 offerings 180 days after Server 2k8 is official. For a full, Vista-ish list of versions, click here.

No surprises so far... but there are two new angles:

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