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Verizon, Intuit, Boomi Jump Into Cloud Services

Three tech vendors introduced new approaches to on-demand IT services this week, adding fresh momentum to the cloud computing trend.

Verizon on Wednesday introduced Verizon Computing as a Service, designed to be more flexible and accessible than traditional hosting services, as customers can rent shared or dedicated computing systems by the day. Customers that pay a $250 monthly retainer-type fee can instantly rent more servers and storage to handle a sudden boost in online sales, for example, and then stop using those systems a week later, only paying usage fees for those days.

Intuit, best known for its Quicken and TurboTax software, on Wednesday opened up its fledgling platform-as-a-service business to include all types of SaaS apps, transforming what's been an infrastructure hosting service into more of an online application store. Small businesses will get access to these apps by signing on via the Intuit Workplace portal.

And Boomi, a startup that has traditionally provided SaaS integration services in the cloud, began offering Tuesday a service that lets SaaS users set up electronic data exchanges (EDI) with their supply chain partners in the cloud.

Although they are from three very different types of tech vendors, these service rollouts demonstrate how vendors are trying to differentiate themselves with innovations intended to get them a bigger share of the emerging cloud computing market.

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