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Veritas Moves up the Stack

Veritas Software Corp. (Nasdaq: VRTS) has been testing the water on the server side of the data center and is getting ready to dive in. At its annual user conference in Las Vegas today, the company is announcing plans to provide software that provisions and manages, not only storage, but servers.

The new "utility computing" push combines Veritas's existing storage software technology with that of two recent acquisitions -- Precise Software Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: PRSE) and Jareva Technologies Inc. -- to help simplify management of servers, the company says. While Veritas has hinted at its intentions to move away from being a pure storage software play for a while, this is the first explicit roadmap for how it intends to move up the stack (see Veritas Gets Precise and Veritas to Acquire Precise, Jareva).

"They've been creeping out," says IDC analyst Bill North. "Even the guys who are one taco away from a combination meal should have figured it out."

With software from Precise, Veritas claims it can detect performance problems in the entire IT stack from applications all the way down to storage. The software technology sees the problem, identifies its root cause, and suggests a solution before end users have even noticed a slowdown, the company claims.

"Whatever Precise was doing, Veritas has the opportunity to do it bigger," North says. "Precise's old competitors should be looking at Veritas as a significantly larger gorilla... You've got to know they're going to be selling this stuff hard."

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