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Vendors Tilt Over 1-Tbyte Drives

Hitachi cranked up its efforts in the battle of the hard-drive vendors today, shipping the industry's first 1-Tbyte product, though rival Seagate is circling with an offering of its own. (See Hitachi Ships Hard Drive and Dawn of the Tbyte Hard Drive.)

Although Hitachi's first 1-Tbyte enterprise offering is still some weeks away, the 3.5-inch Deskstar 7K1000, which is aimed at consumers, is already shipping to retailers.

The drive, which runs at 7,200 RPM, comes with a 3-Gbit/s SATA interface and is priced at $400. Hitachi has already signed deals with Best Buy and CDW to sell the product, which is targeted at users looking to upgrade their PCs. (See 1-Tbyte Bragging Rights and Short Ride to 1-Tbyte Drives.)

Earlier this week, Hitachi also fleshed out its plans for an enterprise version of the 1-Tbyte drive, the A7K1000, which will ship sometime this quarter. (See Hitachi Releases Hard Drives.) Like the consumer drive, the 3.5-inch A7K1000 runs at 7,200 RPM and comes with a 3-Gbit/s SATA interface.

Hitachi has yet to reveal pricing for the enterprise drive, which will be aimed at OEMs and resellers. "We're selling to the seven largest storage system vendors," says Hitachi spokeswoman Karin Gilles, although she would not name names.

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