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Vendors Strut Their SAS

Judging from activity at the Intel Developer Forum this week, theres plenty of reason to believe we’ll be seeing serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives in storage systems early next year, often sharing space with SATA drives (see Report: SATA & SAS to Share Systems).

There was a flurry of SAS news during the conference in San Francisco, with SAS subsystems, hard drives, and tester products coming to light.

"The IDF demonstrations this week are intended to show that serial-attached SCSI is ready for prime time,” says Harry Mason, director of industry marketing at LSI Logic Corp. (NYSE: LSI) and president of the SCSI Trade Association

board of directors. “We expect production shipments of certain components to begin in fourth quarter, 2004, with volume ramps occurring early in 2005."

Adaptec Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT) made the most ambitious SAS news, demonstrating a storage system based on its SAS ASCI that will be part of its new flexible storage architecture (FSA) family (see Adaptec Announces). Adaptec’s SAS controllers and boards are built on a 4.8-GByte/s ASIC, and they feature eight ports and integrated RAID data protection. Like other storage companies rolling out SAS products, Adaptec expects customers to mix SAS and SATA in the same system for tiered storage.

Adaptec’s SAS timeline matches Mason’s projection. Its OEM customers have its SAS ASIC, and will likely deliver product early next year.

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