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Vendors Play Integration Duet

Compellent and OnStor are combining to serve up an integrated Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NAS system.

Compellent's Storage Center controllers already support Fibre Channel and iSCSI in the same SAN. As of today, Compellent is adding NAS support through an OEM deal with OnStor. OnStor's Bobcat NAS gateways will connect to Compellent controllers and disk to form a common pool of storage. The file-and-block storage can take advantage of Compellent's Data Progression application that runs on its SANs and automatically moves inactive data from Fibre Channel to cheaper SATA drives. (See Compellent 'Blocks' ILM.)

The partnership helps both startups battle EMC and Network Appliance, which both offer systems that combine Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and file storage in one system. (See EMC Refreshes NAS, SAN, NetApp Banks on iSCSI, and NetApp Does the Storage Two-Step.)

The two startups haven't completely integrated their systems. Compellent will not re-brand OnStor's gateways, and the systems use separate management consoles. But Compellent will sell and service Bobcat gateways for customers that want to buy systems from both vendors and for its current customers that want to add NAS.

Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business falls into the second category. The college added a Bobcat gateway to its Compellent Storage Center before the partnership became official.

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