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Vendors Fire Up Data Forensics

With CIOs in the financial sector coming under increasing pressure to lock down their data, more vendors are touting data forensics as a way to avoid embarrassing and costly storage snafus. (See Enterprises Suffer Breaches and Breaches Stress Need to Improve.)

Today, John Mathon, one of the co-founders of business intelligence vendor Tibco, took the wraps off his new company, Mathon Systems, which aims to reduce users' data security worries. (See Mathon Offers Risk Software.) Elsewhere, legal services firm Litigation Solution Inc. plans to launch a new Forensic Vault service to copy data from firms' desktops and portable computers as a in case of future litigation.

The new Mathon Integral software captures metadata on files such as Word documents and spreadsheets. "It's the type of information that you need if you're doing a forensic analysis," says Angus MacDonald, the company's CEO and co-founder.

The software, which runs on a standard x86 Windows or Linux server, draws data from the likes of EMC and NetApp file systems. This is then used to produce an audit trail, noting which users have touched specific documents, the location of the documents, and their specific attributes.

According to MacDonald, Mathon can also help users classify their data, something which has been cited as a major hurdle in the path of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). (See Users Cite ILM Shortfalls, Intel Faces ILM Challenge, and Users Self-Destruct on Governance.)

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