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VARs: Linux A Money Maker

Channel partners are making good money on Linux, and the more Linux business they do, the more profitable they are, according to a sponsored survey of 400 qualified respondents conducted by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED).

Linux accounts for roughly 7 percent of total revenue for all survey respondents, and more than 20 percent of revenue for about one-third of the solution providers that boast a stronger Linux presence. Of the latter group, roughly 50 percent believe that Linux is more profitable than their other businesses, while 14 percent believe the open-source platform is less profitable, according to the study.

linux market shareThe results are no surprise to David Gynn, an application infrastructure expert at Optaros, an open-source consulting firm in Cambridge, Mass.

"The use of open source is a key factor in our profitability," he said. "I think we will continue to see Linux as the preferred environment to deploy open-source-based applications."

The IPED study showed a strong correlation between Linux business as a percentage of total partner revenue and partner profitability.

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