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Utimaco Expands Reach

OBERURSEL, Germany -- The Data Security Company today announced the release of SafeGuard LeakProof, further expanding the companys capabilities in data leakage prevention (DLP) and its reach into the expanding information protection and control (IPC) market. Utimaco’s SafeGuard solutions provide 360 degree data protection through a broad and robust product portfolio centered on the SafeGuard Enterprise Suite. With the launch of SafeGuard LeakProof, Utimaco enhances the company’s growing focus on the business-driven solutions market and its customers’ ability to address data threats that cannot be managed by encryption-based solutions alone.

Data security is of primary concern to organizations, with analyst firm IDC forecasting worldwide revenue for the IPC market to grow to $3.2 billion in 2011 . While data encryption successfully combats many of the risks associated with data theft, it addresses only part of the problem. Data leakage prevention solutions ensure that users are able to retain authorized access to data, but prevent that data from leaving the company unprotected. SafeGuard LeakProof, the result of a technology licensing agreement with Trend Micro, complements existing Utimaco data encryption solutions. It was developed to address the data threats associated with insiders that have legitimate access to data but who may not realize that their actions are putting data at risk.

“Worldwide organizations have benefited from the protection our SafeGuard product portfolio provides against misuse by unauthorized users,” said Raphael Leiteritz, Head of Innovation and Business Development, Utimaco. “With SafeGuard LeakProof, we have broadened our data security capabilities to add content awareness and further prevent data leakage from authorized users, for example if they accidentally send out emails with sensitive information. Traditional DLP solutions have been designed from a gateway perspective. Through the strategic technology partnership with Trend Micro, we have added a client-based DLP technology that enables Utimaco to deliver the industry’s first combined content monitoring and protection solution for endpoints.”

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