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Users Ponder Tape Independence

Although tape has held its own for long-term data retention, advances in disk backup technology have users wondering if they need tape, even for archiving.

Temporary staffing firm Labor Ready has been using Data Domain DDR 460 appliance for about a year in its Tacoma, Wash., headquarters, and plans to install another DDR460 in its Reno, Nev., office to replicate data between the two.

The original plan was to back up two weeks of mission critical data onsite for quick restoration, but director of IT infrastructure Jeffrey Zuniga says the company may drop tape completely after installing a second appliance for replication.

"We're considering it," Zuniga says. "We'll see how well it goes when we put in a secondary box in Reno. Potentially, we could move off tape completely then."

If Labor Ready dumped tape completely, it would be in the minority among large companies, but it would hardly be alone.

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