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University Cuts the Tape

Having disk backup can mean the difference between disaster recovery -- and disaster.

Take the facilities management IT department at the University of Cincinnati. Not long ago, IT analyst Dominic Ferreri was struggling to back up his 15 servers onto a tape library. His backup software did not support disk-to-disk-to-tape yet, and Ferreri had to back everything up remotely to tape (see Veritas Announces New Software).

We had periodic interruptions with our network connectivity at the time, and it just wreaked havoc with our system,” he says. “Our full backup is over 500 Gbytes. When you have that order of magnitude, backups take a long time. Any time we tried to back up to a remote machine, if we had an interruption on the network, it would fail the job. It just died. We had a lot of failed backup jobs.”

A change of backup software to a package that supports disk-to-disk-to-tape has gotten Ferreri's department onto a new track -- and Ferreri himself off the hot seat.

Here are the particulars. Ferreri’s five-person department supports about 500 university employees in HR, procurement, and maintenance. To back up data needed for day-to-day operations, he runs a NAS with about 15 servers and 500 workstations from Dell Inc. (Nasdaq: DELL) and a tape library from Overland Storage Inc. (Nasdaq: OVRL).

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