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Unitrends Unveils SMB Archive

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Unitrends, a leading provider of innovative, integrated solutions that protect and restore critical data and systems, today announced Unitrends Data Protection and Rapid Recovery 3.0 and its Multi-Drive Archive System, the SMBs only recovery system providing support for 20+ operating systems in an all-in-one complete appliance. With Unitrends’ latest appliance-based backup and recovery solutions, small and mid-sized businesses can enjoy advanced BareMetal recovery, disk-based data backup and retention, and electronic off-site vaulting – all at affordable prices.

Unitrends’ innovative solutions are specifically designed to provide small and mid-sized businesses with the same level of data protection and rapid, point-in-time system recovery that has historically only been available to large enterprise operations. With its family of disk-to-disk backup appliances and rapid recovery solutions, Unitrends delivers unmatched business continuity solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that are affordable, easy to deploy and fully integrated into a single appliance. With the unveiling of its latest offering, Unitrends once again demonstrates its innovative leadership by delivering compelling products that further extend the flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use of its solutions.

“While other SMB products on the market address data backup and the recovery of data files in the event of a system failure, very few address the need to rapidly and seamlessly restore a system’s complete environment – including the operating system (O/S), applications and user data and files,” said Laura DuBois, Research Director for Storage Software at IDC. “Unitrends’ Rapid Recovery solutions make it easy for businesses to secure their data and fully recover from catastrophic system failures in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. The Unitrends Rapid Recovery solutions integrate all the recovery functionality an SMB needs into one complete solution.”

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