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Unitrends Steps Up

A year after adding disk-based archiving to its data protection product, Unitrends has added a multiple-drive unit and enhanced software that could broaden its SMB appeal and pit it against the big league. (See Unitrends Unveils SMB Archive and Unitrends Trends Toward CDP.)

Unitrends' Data Protection and Rapid Recovery 3.0 is based on the premise that SMBs mean "data restoral" when they say "backup." Data restoral options include "bare metal recovery," the ability to bring back entire servers, even restoring them on different hardware.

"If your HP server blows its brains out, you can go to Dell for a replacement," quips CEO Duncan McPherson.

The vendor has also focused on SMBs' apparent wish to unite backup with archiving, preferably in a single-vendor solution. Up to now, Unitrends' basic appliance has been a backup box called the Data Protection Unit (DPU), which can house anywhere from 250 Gbytes to 100 Tbytes. Now, the Multi-Drive Archive, a four-drive add-on device connected to each DPU, gives the option to store 10 Gbytes to 10 Tbytes of additional data on SATA drives in a range of sizes up to 750 Gbytes per drive.

A Web-based monitoring tool reports backup status for multiple DPUs and Multi-Drive Archives at remote sites. Users also have the option to pipe their data from the DPU to an offsite server or service provider's vault.

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