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Unitrends Enhances DR Product

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Unitrends, a leading provider of innovative, integrated solutions that protect and restore critical data and systems, today announced the availability of its new Rapid Recovery 4.0 platform. This new platform takes business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to new heights, providing unparalleled simplicity and elegance in an integrated data protection solution that offers a comprehensive Rapid Recovery Console, simplified backup administration, customizable reporting, and support for an unprecedented 40+ operating environments, including not just Windows and Linux/UNIX but also Novell servers and many others.

Increasing the manageability of backup and recovery systems is a significant challenge for many organizations, and it can mean the difference between a fast, seamless recovery from a system loss or failure and true disaster,” said Chris Bacon, IT services manager at CTS, a Unitrends reseller and vaulting services provider. “Unitrends’ latest platform makes the management of its backup and recovery solutions simple and straightforward, and exemplifies Unitrends’ commitment to providing customers with all the data protection and recovery functionality and management capabilities they require in a complete and integrated solution.”

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