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Ultera China Expands Operations

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. -- Ultera Systems, Inc. a leading provider of high-performance virtual tape controllers and solutions, today announced an unprecedented expansion of its China operations to better serve a rapidly growing customer base for its flagship Mirage Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions in China.

Mirage VTL solutions are based on the Mirage virtual tape controller (VTC), which integrates optimized high availability RAID subsystems to create virtual tape libraries. Operating system-independent and fully plug-and-play, the Mirage VTL operates transparently with existing tape backup application software on any hardware platform. Thanks to patent-protected, completely hardware-based technology, Mirage solutions distinguish themselves from other VTLs in the market not only on performance, but also on operating robustness, immunity to maintenance risks and, above all, immunity towards on-line data corruption risks.

“While most virtual tape libraries in the market use Linux servers as controllers to carry out tape emulation at the application software level, the Mirage VTC physically realizes disk linearization at the device level and is CPU free and OS free,” stated Dr. Lennard Qian, general manager of Ultera China. “That’s why in the China market, Mirage is often referred to as the ‘Tapelized Disk Library’ in contrast to other VTLs. Besides its technology advantages, we are also fortunate to be able to leverage on Ultera’s decade-long experience in serving worldwide customers. This invaluable experience enables us to go beyond products to help customers in system level optimization, which often results in substantial reduction of the customer’s operating risks and TCO of their entire data protection system.”

“Organizations in China today are faced with rapidly expanding data storage requirements, limited backup windows and modest budgets,” commented Jimmie Chang, principal analyst, storage markets, Gartner Dataquest Research. “Virtual tape libraries like Ultera's must address all three of these issues in order to be successful with this segment.”

Ultera Systems Inc.

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