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TwinStrata Announces Availability Of CloudArray Version 2.5

TwinStrata, Inc., the leading innovator in data storage and data protection solutions leveraging cloud storage, today announced the availability of CloudArray Version 2.5.  With the latest release, customers will enjoy a host of new features and performance enhancements including volume expansion, bandwidth throttling and scheduling, and automatic metadata backup to the CloudArray portal. In addition, two new physical appliances position CloudArray to meet ever more stringent performance and availability needs for enterprise environments.

Available in both virtual and physical appliance configurations, TwinStrata CloudArray is a proven solution that enables companies of all sizes to easily and securely expand storage capacity using pay-as-you-go cloud storage, enabling data protection and disaster recovery solutions in minutes.  No programming is required and no applications need be changed -- customers simply drop CloudArray into their existing environment and seamlessly connect with their cloud storage provider of choice.

"We appreciate that TwinStrata continues to enhance its CloudArray offerings in order to keep pace with demanding application and network environments," said Eryck Bredy, founder and CTO of BNMC, an Andover, Massachusetts-based solutions provider and TwinStrata partner and customer since 2010. "It's a huge win for us to be able to extend our own and our customers' data availability with minimal administration and infrastructure and, more importantly, experience virtually no disruption to existing networks."

TwinStrata CloudArray Version 2.5 includes updates designed to further enhance the overall operation, reliability and performance of CloudArray:

Data Volume Expansion -- CloudArray thin-provisioned volumes can now increase storage capacity on the fly for improved flexibility, user convenience and ease of operations.

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