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Top Ten Private Storage Networking Companies: Page 6 of 26

Disclosure: Neither Light Reading Inc., the publisher of Byte and Switch, nor any of our editors owns equity, stock options, or warrants in any of the companies listed, even though we might like to in some cases. (It’s that darned editorial integrity thing.)

Bill Gates II?

Whatever you think of Bill Gates, it’s hard to deny that
dropping out of Harvard to create Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:
MSFT) was a pretty canny idea.

Could it be that the storage networking market has its very own Bill-Gates-in-the-making? Tom Isakovich is 23 and the CEO of TrueSAN Networks Inc., having
dropped out of Stanford University to build the company he created in his
dorm room. (He has a marginally better haircut than Bill, but Byte & Switch

is still classifying it as a risk factor).

Getting dotcom déjà vu? Relax; Isakovich has plenty of experienced folk
on his team. He’s also garnered some top VCs to invest, is shipping a
product, and has paying customers (a SAN trifecta! Hoorah!).