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Top Ten Private Storage Networking Companies: Page 6 of 23

Not so True

Updated: 7/13/01

TrueSAN Networks Inc. loses its place at the top, dropping down two places to number three. The company has been doing the whole enchilada in storage networking months and months before anyone else. While all the other startups are still tinkering in the lab, TrueSAN has been out knocking on doors and winning customers, which is never a bad thing.

However, it turns out TrueSAN was never really in the lab in the first place. The company is teetering on the edge of being a systems integration firm. Its Paladin system can switch Fibre Channel and gigabit Ethernet traffic within the same fabric, hold multiple terabytes of data, and perform NAS and SAN virtualization through parallel processing – and all from one box.

But there is a catch. All this capability comes from buying off-the-shelf components – including a switch, HBAs, and chipsets – and patching them together into one system. The majority of hardware in TrueSAN’s system is sourced from QLogic Corp. (Nasdaq: QLGC). To its credit, TrueSAN’s software does a very good job of binding all these components together, which is why the company has customers and maintains a high position on this list. However, history teaches that to become an outright leader in any market a vendor must develop and own its technology. Hence the drop.