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Top Ten Private Companies Unveiled

Byte and Switch today published the latest update to its Top Ten Private Companies list -- an ongoing ranking of the companies this publication thinks are most likely to make it to the equity finish line -- either via an IPO, or an acquisition.

To arrive at its latest list, Byte and Switch editors solicited feedback from readers, analysts, and industry luminaries.

We also checked out the, erm, analysis at other publications, had a good laugh, and then ignored it. (To read more from them, click on:

This list was last published in July 2001 and, as you have been gently pointing out recently, was in dire need of an overhaul:


klepto5, and

RB Redux, thanks!

What's changed?

  • Three new entries: DataCore Software Corp., Alacritech Inc.,
    and InterSAN Inc.
  • Three relegations to the Bit Bucket: TrueSAN Networks Inc., Troika Networks,
    and Zambeel Inc.
  • A rise of three places for Scale Eight Inc.
  • And a drop of six spots for BlueArc Corp.
    • 1