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Top Storage Bytes of 2005

Its been a full year of M&A, technology introductions (and disruptions), and enough news bytes to make you wish you had your own virtualized memory. As we prepare to drop the curtain on the year that was, we offer up the 10 most widely read stories on Byte and Switch in the last 12 months.

The common thread that runs through almost all of them: Money. Yeah, big surprise.

Click your way through our most heavily trafficked news stories of 2005:

1: Google Groans Under Data Strain

Poor, poor Google. Maybe that $1 billion stake in America Online will help them deal with the happy problem of so much data from Google Earth and a bunch of other surprising applications the company has up its sleeve.

2: Souping Up SATA
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) generated a lot of hype this year, but improvements to SATA will likely have a far greater impact on users. SATA has already sparked quite a buzz around disk-based backup technologies such as virtual tape and continuous data protection. The cheap disk technology put more pressure on the Fibre Channel market with its pinkie than all the iSCSI vendors combined.

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