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The Top 10 Storage Inventions of All Time

Do you know who invented the first Fibre Channel SAN? How about the first RAID unit? The first NAS? The first data de-duplication device?

We didn't either, until we did some research. What we found was more than we bargained for: The history of storage networking doesn't just demonstrate one of most interesting offshoots of modern IT. It also traces the growth of the digital underpinnings of modern life.

Consider where the Internet would be without storage networking and data protection -- or where X-rays would be stored for today's burgeoning populations or how movies would be created using special effects.

Usually the dark, dreary months of winter are chosen for this kind of historical review. But we at Byte and Switch felt that spring, the season of renewal and fresh starts, was a more apt choice.

It's also time, we felt, for the kind of shot in the arm this meditation brings. When budgets are down, funding is short, and jobs are scarce and insecure, it can't hurt to look back at the chain of success that has brought storage networking to its present status. When you look at the record, it's clear the storage industry isn't going anywhere but up.

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