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Tomato Titan Serves NAS With SAN

When Mike deOliveira, IT project manager with Red Gold Inc., proposed a modestly priced storage upgrade to his management, the answer surprised him.

"Our CFO said that if we wanted to add storage capacity, that was fine, but if we didn't have a way to scrutinize and manage our stored data effectively, then we needed to go back and discuss it again," says deOliveira. "It was kind of nice to have a CFO look at spending a bit more, rather than just adding capacity at the lowest cost."

The IT team at Red Gold, an Indiana-based producer of tomato products, was ready for the company's first SAN. A typical SME, Red Gold has about 1,000 employees. It supports three processing plants that produce over 100 different tomato products in various sizes and containers. Office applications, comprising about 1.5 Tbytes, fit on four file servers in the firm's primary data center. Backup was done on tape.

This setup was fine until recently. There had been no networked storage outside of the company's process control systems for canning production. But deOliveira was finding it tough to perform backups quickly and retrieve data easily.

"It was taking us eight to ten hours to back up, depending on the night of the week. It could take up to 15 hours on the weekend," deOliveira says. "A SAN would speed this up and make data readily available for online recovery."

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