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Tilana Runs on Vista

SAN DIEGO -- Tilana Systems Corporation ( ) today announced that its new file protection and synchronization service called Tilana Reserve now runs on Windows Vista, and has begun testing a browser interface for file access from any PC.

We continue to execute on our strategy, and to deliver what we’ve promised,” says Tilana CEO Joe Austin. “Browser based access to remotely stored files, along with their version histories, is the finishing touch on our offering.”

Pricing for the new service has not yet been released. Use of Tilana Reserve will remain free while in beta testing.

In August of 2006 the company started beta testing Tilana Reserve, which combines a special mix of enterprise-class file management features like continuous data protection (CDP), permanent off-site archival, remote file access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization all into one service for SMB and home PC users.

Tilana Reserve uses software installed on the desktop to securely transmit files between the user’s protected PCs and personal remote storage space. After initial upload of protected files, the software sends only changes to files as they’re saved, along with any new files as they appear in protected folders on the user’s computer. Files deleted from a protected computer remain archived in the Tilana Reserve data center until manually deleted by the account holder.

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