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Thin Clients Won't Eat Storage

Despite recent news that staffers at blade-PC maker ClearCube Technology have won a patent for virtual storage, ClearCube has decided against using it. And it's unlikely other makers of PC blades or thin-client technologies will get into the storage game, either.

"We had a prototype, but as we were looking through the matter, the storage market changed," says ClearCube's VP of product marketing, Tom Josefy. ClearCube, which makes PCs on blades that can be remotely connected to monitors and keyboards, says ClearCube discovered it just wouldn't make sense to offer storage with its wares, given the price and availability of external storage gear. "We thought the cost difference versus what we'd have to charge didn't make it worthwhile," Josefy says.

ClearCube, which works with VMware, Citrix, and other software solutions aimed at supporting remote applications in lieu of full PCs, now suggests that customers use iSCSI or Fibre Channel SAN or NAS with its centralized PCs and remote clients.

Last month, news broke that ClearCube has been awarded a U.S. patent for "a system and method... for using free storage capacity on a plurality of storage media as a virtual storage device on a computer network comprising a plurality of computers." Among the recipients of the patent are Syed Mohammad Amir Husain, now CTO of ClearCube, who, along with colleagues, filed for the patent in 2002.

Josefy isn't sure what will happen to the patent, or whether ClearCube will sell it.

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