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Terminator Pumps Sanrad

Governor Ah-nold visited tech firms in Israel earlier this week to try and lure them to California, and trumpeted Tel Aviv-based Sanrads
plan to add 300 jobs in the Bay Area over the next five years.

Well, those plans were prompted more by iSCSI than Schwarzenegger. Sanrad executives say California's the place to be for a company selling IP SAN appliances in an economy that's looking up -- at least a bit, anyway.

“We had already planned to expand out here in Alameda,” says Zophar Sante, Sanrad’s VP of marketing development. “It wasn’t so much Arnold. It was mainly because the economy’s coming back and the iSCSI market is becoming aggressive. And there’s a lot of Tier 1 OEMs in California, so this is where we want to be.”

Sanrad won't receive financial incentive from the state to expand, so the iSCSI market will have to flourish to support the company's planned growth. Sanrad currently has 60 employees, with three-quarters of them in Tel Aviv, about 10 in Alameda, and five others across the U.S. Sante says the development team will stay in Israel but Sanrad will add sales, marketing, and support in California.

“We hope to be exiting 2005 as a $50 million company and keep climbing,” he says. “You have to have a sizeable infrastructure to support that kind of revenue.”

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