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Tape Encryption Devices: Host-based vs. Appliance



We did get our hands on NeoScale Systems' CryptoStor Tape FC704, an inline appliance, and Kasten Chase's Assurency SecureData host-based encryption system. We tried to get Decru's DataFort appliance into our labs, but the company declined.

Kasten Chase's Assurency SecureData easily complies with any regulations imposed by current government contracts--this bad boy wouldn't even boot up for us without biometric authentication, and it has Medeco locks guarding its front panel. Indeed, Kasten Chase claims the National Security Agency as a customer. But we found the list of supported OSs and backup software shorter than we'd like. In contrast, NeoScale Systems' CryptoStor inline appliance is not picky about its playmates.

Encryption Device Pricing

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Location, Location, Location

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