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Tacit Goes Optimization Route

You can count Tacit Networks as the latest company to combine wide-area file services (WAFS) with WAN optimization.

Tacit today added WAN optimization to the latest release of its iShared software, which runs on the vendor's appliances for remote offices.

The major additions to Tacit's product include TCP acceleration and the ability to eliminate redundant data transfer over the WAN, which Tacit claims will deliver 100-to-1 compression ratios. The goal is to reduce WAN latency and bandwidth consumption to accelerate TCP-based applications.

Until now, Tacit concentrated primarily on Web, print, and file services for remote offices. When Tacit first rolled out its products, WAN optimization was considered a separate set of technologies that used network-based compression, caching, and packet sizing to eliminate repetitive features of WAN traffic.

But it's becoming clear that WAFS and WAN optimization are two sides of the same coin, and remote users require both in one device. Several vendors that started out with WAN optimization -- Expand, Orbital Data, Riverbed, and Swan Labs (now part of F5) -- have added WAFS. (See Expand Wakes Up to WAFS, WAFS Goes Into Orbital, Riverbed Fords WAN/WAFS Divide, and F5 Snaps Up Swan Labs.) Content delivery vendor Blue Coat entered the field last week with WAFS and WAN optimization. (See Blue Coat Puts On Acceleration.) Now Tacit is adding WAN optimization to WAFS.

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