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Symantec Envisions Dominance

Storage product news at Symantec's Vision user conference this week was mostly about rebranding and repositioning, though Symantec claims it's ahead of competitors in management tools.

Symantec/Veritas launched Data Center Foundation, which is more a packaging project than a product. (See Symantec Intros Veritas Foundation.) Peter McKellar, group product manager of Symantec's data center management group, says Data Center Foundation is "an overall strategy of how we help customers manage their data center."

OK. So, Data Center Foundation is now the bucket that includes Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas i3 application performance management, and a new suite called Symantec Server Foundation.

But even Server Foundation isn't really new. It consists of two rebranded products, Veritas Provisioning Manager (formerly Veritas OpForce) and Veritas Configuration Manager (formerly Relicore Clarity), as well as an upgraded Veritas Cluster Server.

There are two really new developments amidst all these name changes. The latest version of Cluster Server lets administrators manage Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers from one console. And there's Storage Foundation Basic, a free version of Storage Foundation that runs on systems with no more than two processors and four storage volumes.

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