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Symantec Enhances PureDisk

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced enhancements to its NetBackup PureDisk data deduplication solution which will address critical requirements for today's data center backup architectures. Enterprises struggling to meet backup windows seek new disk-based backup solutions that can augment or integrate with their existing backup infrastructure. By making PureDisk data deduplication part of their overall backup strategy customers can dramatically reduce storage and bandwidth consumed from disk-based backups.

As a leader in data center and high availability solutions, Symantec recognizes that the shift to greater online backup data also increases complexity in the data center by introducing additional reporting, availability and security requirements. New capabilities planned for this release of NetBackup PureDisk address these requirements by including integration with Veritas Backup Reporter, improvements to storage availability and expanded security features for both enterprise customers and backup service providers.

"The dramatic advantages of the data deduplication provided by NetBackup PureDisk is enabling a consolidation of application data from remote offices to core data centers," said Matt Kixmoeller, senior director of product management for NetBackup at Symantec. "By integrating enterprise security, high availability and reporting capabilities into NetBackup PureDisk, our enterprise-trusted deduplication technology is now available for the most demanding data center and service provider applications."

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