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Sybase Launches New Version of Replication Server

DUBLIN, Calif. -- May 11, 2009 -- Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced the latest version of Sybase Replication Server, specifically designed to move and synchronize data across the enterprise. Replication Server 15 enables pervasive data accessibility and real-time data delivery across heterogeneous database environments. Through the use of Replication Server's high-performance data movement capabilities, customers achieve cost savings by avoiding expensive platform migration while achieving the benefits of simplified management
By leveraging Replication Server's ability to deliver operational data across complex and broadly distributed data infrastructures in real-time, organizations can also ensure proper steps are taken to comply with relevant regulations within their industries - even when external circumstances threaten ongoing operations and prompt recovery if disaster should strike.
Capital Market institutions decrease risk and lower cost by using Replication Server in their risk management solution allowing for the instantaneous capture of trades and delivering trade data to the risk management system. Replication Server's high level of performance enables Capital Markets customers to make faster and better decisions using real-time trade data to manage risk enabling firms to measure risk in real-time and take immediate action to mitigate risk exposure.

"Data movement and the creation of additional data stores for analytics continue to grow in importance and move down-market," said Merv Adrian, Founder and Principal Analyst of IT Market Strategy. "Sybase Replication Server, with over 2500 customers, has long been one of the industry's most mature and robust products in its space,"

Replication Server is designed to operate with multiple database platforms, including Sybase's industry-leading Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), as well as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 and UDB. With expanded heterogeneous database replication capabilities and greatly enhanced performance, Replication Server significantly reduces data delivery latency.

"Our company operates nine manufacturing plants, each running Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) databases to record and monitor the performance of that individual location," said Dave McCune, database administrator, Pratt Industries, one of the United States' largest paper and packaging companies. "With Replication Server we have simplified our reporting process by consolidating complex data from ASE servers from our remote manufacturing plants to a single point for real-time world-wide access and reporting. Replication Server's substantial performance enhancements have provided the continuous availability of our critical data under any circumstances, leading to increased productivity and lower cost of operation."

The latest release of Replication Server includes the following capabilities:

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