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Survivor's Guide to 2007: Application Infrastructure


In 2006, sales of application, integration and messaging software hovered around $8.5 billion, according to Gartner, with the market for related support and services valued at $132 billion. In 2007, the demand for fast delivery of aggregated information will edge even higher: Maybe it's a growing SOA (service-oriented architecture) initiative, or new business application, such as BPM (business process management). Or perhaps it's an Ajax face-lift for the sagging, dot-com-era interfaces on your custom applications. Whatever the impetus, the demands on your application infrastructure must be addressed sooner or later.

Better make that sooner.

The next 12 months will bring plenty of options to slim down and tone up by adopting technologies that truly live up to the claim, "out-of-the-box." Next-generation EAI (enterprise application integration) and open-source stacks, such as LAMP, are preconfigured and preintegrated for your deployment pleasure. Your infrastructure will be extensible, open and agile, and you won't need to do much more than plug in an Ethernet cable or double-click on "setup.exe."

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