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Suppliers Say BlackBerry Archiving Is Advancing

Email archiving is a key IT responsibility these days, thanks to increased use of data in corporate litigation. Now, instant messages from corporate BlackBerries are getting the same scrutiny. And more suppliers are looking to help companies make sure they're covered.

"Many IT managers have not been able to monitor or archive workers' text messages, leaving financial institutions and other organizations vulnerable to compliances issues and fines, as well as loss of intellectual property," said Don Montgomery, VP of marketing at Akonix, an IM policy management software vendor based in San Diego, in a statement.

Another supplier takes a slightly different angle: "Sure, companies need compliance. But often it's about sex -- who's having sex with whom!" says Richard Bliss, VP of marketing at Gwava, a Montreal-based supplier of products focused mainly on Novell GroupWise environments.

Whether it's a mayor, a university administrator, a lawyer acting improperly, or a key executive for a conservative company, there have been many unfortunate folk whose jobs have been on the line after Gwava's deployed, Bliss says.

Akonix and Gwava are among a small group of vendors specializing in gathering BlackBerry data and making it searchable. Akonix, for instance, recently announced L7 Enterprise for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, a package that is part of the vendor's larger L7 Enterprise for setting policy and security on IM. The new module automatically collects all kinds of BlackBerry messages, including not only SMS and pin-to-pin messages, but also email and public IM messages, and makes the results searchable.

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