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Sun's Data Center Road Trip

The idea of ripping crucial storage, server, and networking gear out of a secure building and stuffing it into a lorry may seem strange to many CIOs, but Sun claims that this is the data center of the future.

First demo'd last year as "Project Black Box," Sun has been touting its mobile data center as the solution to users' space constraints and disaster recovery problems.

Yesterday, the vendor finally GA'd the product as the infinitely less sexy Datacenter S20, pushing the 20-foot shipping container as the next big thing in data center design.

"Many people are running out of datacenter space, so they are locating [their storage] outside of the datacenter," says Darlene Yaplee, vice president of integrated platforms at Sun, explaining that the S20's eight racks can be packed with up to 3 Pbytes of disk capacity or up to 18 Teraflops of compute power.

Users with a strong desire to take their data center on a road trip can now get their hands on this "server-room on wheels," and the first early adopters were announced this week.

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